Men’s Gold Wedding Bands- Declare Yourself Committed with the Beautiful Gold Wedding Band!

Eric EtheredgeDecember 16, 2014
mens gold wedding bands
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Having originated in Europe thousands of years ago, wearing wedding rings (of late known as wedding bands) has gone on to become a custom in every part of the world in the recent past with not just women but also men flaunting them which reminds them of their commitment towards their life partner. Besides invoking […]

Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands

Eric EtheredgeDecember 14, 2014
Titanium Wedding Ring
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Buying Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands – The Perfect Fashion Guide Choosing a jewel piece befitting a man is not a piece of cake, especially considering their high corporate movements and masculinity. Men’s Fashion Industry has recently said ‘Hello’ to another silver-colored transition metal, light in weight but incredibly tough. Any guesses? Well, it is none […]

Men’s Tungsten Wedding Brands

Eric EtheredgeDecember 10, 2014
mens tungsten wedding bands
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Gone are the days when only women used to be super fussy about wedding accessories. Now, men are growing increasingly conscious about the jewelries they wear. All men wish to dress up their finger with an elegant, durable ring without compromising on their manliness. With the passage of time, the burning market of fashion has […]

Men’s Diamond Wedding Bands-Know Some Crucial Details

Eric EtheredgeDecember 3, 2014
mens diamond wedding bands
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Wedding bands for men have come a long way from the time they were first used and it was around 15th century. The one-off ornament as it might be (apart from a watch that is more of a utility item) but it has succeeded in catching the fancy of the customers with the designs and […]