Mark the beauty of the big day with glittery white Palladium wedding rings

Eric EtheredgeMarch 2, 2015
palladium ring
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Palladium is far more affordable than platinum and titanium. The cost of a wedding ring includes not just the market rate that you pay to purchase it but also the maintenance cost for the coming years. Gold, silver, titanium, platinum, etc all need routinely maintenance and this adds to the overall cost. But Palladium wedding […]

Citrine, the lemon-brownish gemstone for a stylish engagement ring

Eric EtheredgeFebruary 26, 2015
citrine engagement rings
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Citrine is fast becoming the new chic trend for engagement rings as Blue, red and green have gone a little too mainstream and are dominantly marketed. Citrine engagement rings are the perfect rings with a difference and also hold beautiful symbolic meaning, making it just the stone for sweeping her off her feet with the […]

Exclusive and captivating Tanzanite stone for the perfect Engagement ring

Eric EtheredgeFebruary 22, 2015
tanzanite engagement rings
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Colored Gemstones have suffered a serious stroke in terms of commercialization since most people now like splurge in Diamonds. In fact, colored gemstones have acquired the position of being somewhat tacky and cheap as they don’t cost as much as diamonds. But Tanzanite has turned tables! This blue stone is now the new exclusive choice […]

Heavenly blue tones of Topaz for perfect engagement rings

Eric EtheredgeFebruary 17, 2015
blue topaz engagement rings
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It’s hard to not appreciate the divine shade of blue topaz rings. Known for its association with December (birthstone), blue topaz is largely favored for distinct three shades: Sky blue, London blue and Swiss. The stone stands for eternal beauty, adoration and love thus making blue topaz engagement rings perfect for popping the question.