Gift your loved one with antique pieces

adminJanuary 2, 2015
antique diamond engagement rings
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Beautiful antique style engagement rings with the best style and designs can be seen in almost every woman’s fingers. These marvelous pieces of vintage antique engagement rings are a means of guessing and flashing the lovely memorable events that one might have enjoyed during their past. The mystery behind many of these antique diamond engagement […]

Emerald Engagement Rings Make A Classic & Cool Statement!

adminDecember 28, 2014
diamond and emerald engagement ring
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An auspicious occasion as it is, an engagement ceremony is the initial step to put a stamp on the man and woman’s acquaintance soon going to be turned into a lifelong bond. A ring is what makes this relation official thus holds the most special place in the whole affair. For this very reason, to-be […]

A Classic Cushion Cut Diamond – You Cannot Get Anything Better Than This

adminDecember 25, 2014
cushion diamond engagement rings
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Engagement is the most prized possession, a pledge to honor the marital union for a lifetime. Many couples prefer diamond rings because of their versatility, endurance, strength, luster and beauty. Giving a diamond ring to your beloved is an age-old tradition, which is still practiced widely, signifying the affection and loyalty of the esteemed marital […]

Emerald Cut Engagement Rings-Harbinger of A Dream Wedding Life!

adminDecember 20, 2014
emerald diamond engagement rings
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When getting engaged, Emerald cut engagement rings announce your alliance awesomely. This rare moment can be made special with the inclusion of a solitaire that speaks volumes of your sense of style. Emerald is a stone which is though delicate, is quite dependable if protected with a little labor.   Emerald Cut Engagement Rings –What […]