Give your wedding a finesse of traditional with Celtic bands

adminFebruary 3, 2015
celtic wedding bands
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Brides and grooms with a love for culture and style are favoring Celtic wedding bands due to their rich traditional significance and undying ornate beauty. While there are numerous choices available with gemstones and diamonds, couples can choose from eclectic designs of Celtic rings for wedding and engagement for a beautiful, memorable celebration.

Dreamy wedding jewelry for him and her in colorful Topaz

adminFebruary 1, 2015
topaz rings
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Topaz is undoubtedly one of the most elegant, precious gemstones and they have been a favored choice for the variety of hues they offer for a long time. Multiple colored Topaz options keep the budget in place and still allow one to indulge in exquisite gemstone jewelry. White topaz wedding rings and bands with pink […]

Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands

adminDecember 14, 2014
Titanium Wedding Ring
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Buying Men’s Titanium Wedding Bands – The Perfect Fashion Guide Choosing a jewel piece befitting a man is not a piece of cake, especially considering their high corporate movements and masculinity. Men’s Fashion Industry has recently said ‘Hello’ to another silver-colored transition metal, light in weight but incredibly tough. Any guesses? Well, it is none […]

Men’s Tungsten Wedding Brands

adminDecember 10, 2014
mens tungsten wedding bands
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Gone are the days when only women used to be super fussy about wedding accessories. Now, men are growing increasingly conscious about the jewelries they wear. All men wish to dress up their finger with an elegant, durable ring without compromising on their manliness. With the passage of time, the burning market of fashion has […]