Famously Diamond Studded Unique Wedding Rings

Hilary Duff has been known for her expensive diamond wedding ring. Hilary got married to Mike Comrie and got a 14-carat diamond ring that stunned everyone when the ring slips to her fingers. Unique wedding rings is one of the famous wedding rings among other celebrity wedding rings like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Avril Lavigne. The diamond size and shape is as sophisticated as no one has ever seen on a diamond ring before.

It has been rumored that it cost more than 1 million dollars to get the unique wedding rings. It may be obviously true since her wedding ring has multiple diamonds with one main square shaped diamond with full band of small diamonds around. She got married in 2010 and now has been a mother of a son named Luca.

Too bad that the expensive unique wedding rings could not bring the couple any longer because there’s a rumor that the couple is getting divorced. Hilary has been seen without her famous wedding ring that made everybody suspicious about the divorce truth. Whether she’s taking it off for sometimes or she really does getting divorce from her husband, Mike Comrie, she has not given the clear answer to this.

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