Rejoice your unique bond of love with rare vintage filigree wedding jewelry

adminFebruary 12, 2015
filigree wedding band
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Filigree is a style of metalwork that is done delicately following distinct intricate patterns and styles of designs on gold and silver. In the ancient days, it was just another ordinary style of jewelry but now, it’s incredibly hard to find well priced Antique filigree rings. The splendid artistic motifsĀ  and complex patterns of the […]

Exquisite Diamond rings and bands for anniversary celebration

adminFebruary 10, 2015
diamond anniversary bands
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Anniversary is a merry occasion and any couple that promised to stick together through thick and thin must indeed turn the celebration into an unforgettable celebration. Traditionally, Diamond Anniversary Bands are exchanged for marking the time spend together but couples are now going for more modern and stylish jewelry to mark this joyous celebration. Ruby […]

Honor the beautiful bond of wedding with gorgeous anniversary rings

adminFebruary 7, 2015
anniversary rings
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What erstwhile was celebrated only among royal families has now become more accepted as a tradition among married couples: Anniversary rings and bands to commemorate time spend together. Jewelry like rings and bands are quintessential to symbolizing the eternal bond of a couple’s commitments and that’s not because the jewelry market says so but because […]