Your Really Own Amazing Wedding Rings

adminSeptember 26, 2014
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There are a lot of wedding rings provided for you and your couple at shops. However, there might be one which is the shiniest and brightest amongst others. That is why you must choose your own amazing wedding rings. There are a lot of choices at shops. It might be your task to get those […]

Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands Personal Design

adminSeptember 22, 2014
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A wedding dream comes true is when you have such wedding plan and you can actualize them perfectly. You might plan about the place, the dress, the concept, and also the very important thing is the ring. You already had engagement rings before the wedding bands. Now, it is time for you to think about […]

The Tradition of Wedding Ring Hand Around the World

adminSeptember 19, 2014
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In different locations around the world, there has been a different tradition on which hand a woman should put her wedding ring. The wedding ring hand in each country is not the same regarding its history and tradition. The most common finger that receives the wedding ring is the ring finger which is the second […]

Place To Get Engagement and Wedding Rings

adminSeptember 14, 2014
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In modern tradition, it has become a habit and a necessity that a wedding should be scheduled with great fanfare. In fact, many couples who are getting married make some plans of a few months before the day of the wedding. They start to get the dress, wedding design, even designer that you can get […]