Give Rose Gold Ring to Your loved One

adminJuly 9, 2015
Rose gold flower ring
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When people start thinking about special gifts, they first concentrate on jewelry. Usually, we all like to choose jewelry items such as rings, bands, necklaces, watches, and other items made of gold, silver and other precious metals. Without any doubt, gold is still considered as the best choice when it comes to selecting stunning jewelry. […]

The blush and pastel gemstone for the perfect engagement ring

adminJanuary 29, 2015
morganite engagement ring
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Also known as pink beryl/emerald, cesian beryl, rose beryl, Morganite was actually named in honor or JP Morgan by the famed gemologist, George Kunz. It was in 1911 that this rare light pink-rose hued beryl stone was given the status of a gemstone and sold as a engagement ring stone. This beautiful stone also has […]