Play up your sophisticated side with Morganite Rings for your Wedding

adminMarch 18, 2015
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Morganite has long been stated to be the symbol of affection bonding and beauty of sympathy. So, the stone is not just beautiful but also perfect for marking a matrimonial relationship. Morganite Wedding Set with matching or non matching bands is an ideal wedding jewelry for a couple whose style speaks volume without being too […]

Mark the day of celebration of your love with Moissanite Wedding Bands

adminMarch 15, 2015
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Diamonds have been widely marketed as the most coveted gemstones for wedding, engagement and anniversary rings but it isn’t so in reality. There have been several alternatives, some simulate the appearance and properties for low cost while some are better than diamonds. Moissanite Wedding Sets are fast becoming the best choice for grooms.

Exquisitely designed Sapphire wedding jewelry for the big day

adminMarch 11, 2015
white sapphire wedding sets
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A bride glowing in an elegant white dress with beautiful, winged eyes gleaming of bridal glee and stream like smooth hair flowing under the tulle veil, revealing just a little of the heavenly beauty with a sheer blue stone in a sparkling band in her ring finger. Exquisite, isn’t it? It is the wedding day, […]

Timeless Bond of love immortalized by Irish wedding bands

adminMarch 8, 2015
unique irish wedding rings
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A couple that loves culture and adores contemporary style will never be disappointed with Irish Wedding Rings. Incredibly famous back during the middle 20th century, claddagh rings symbolized not only the exotic beauty but also the culture of Ireland where gold rings are significant. The eternal ornate motifs and designs have immortalized the beauty and […]