The Tradition of Wedding Ring Hand Around the World

In different locations around the world, there has been a different tradition on which hand a woman should put her wedding ring. The wedding ring hand in each country is not the same regarding its history and tradition. The most common finger that receives the wedding ring is the ring finger which is the second finger counts from the pinky finger.

In some Europe countries like Russia, Germany, Netherlands and India the wedding ring hand is the right hand and it is worn on the ring finger. While in the USA, UK, Mexico, Australia and Egypt the wedding ring is placed on the ring finger of the left hand. In this matter, the right hand wearing is the most common way than the left hand wearing. Some traditions have their own unique way like in Brazil; the wedding ring is worn on the right hand until the wedding day which it will be moved to the left hand.

In some countries that has no actual tradition of wedding ring, the wedding ring finger and hand for the men is on the right and left hand being the wedding ring hand for the women. Other may find it easier to have only one ring throughout the engagement and wedding but some of the country like USA has the tradition of two rings involved for the women. So at the end of the process, the bride will have two rings on the same hand.

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