Wedding and Engagement Rings: Which One Goes First?

Wearing a beautiful wedding and engagement rings set from your beloved might make you feel like the new wedding couple. Both of them are looking good when they put on your finger. But, don’t you know that there is a traditional rule to wear such wedding and engagement rings.

The first thing you should know that people sometimes not only wears the rings on their finger but also on their neck. It means that they make the rings into a necklace chain. This is also acceptable. However, the more essential of wearing the wedding and the engagement rings is on your finger. This is because you can show your status directly. Sometimes, the wedding ring necklace is not to be seen. So people do not really understand, weather she is single or not.

The second thing is the tradition itself. You know that wearing the wedding and engagement rings must be in the left hand. According to the Romance belief, left hand is closer to someone’s heart rather than the right hand. The third thing is, wear the wedding ring first then put the engagement ring after the wedding ring. Don’t forget to put it in the finger.

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